Tips On How To Strengthen Long Term Intimacy

Tips On How To Strengthen Long Term Intimacy

Some of us make the unfortunate error of believing that our love life will remain at the same intensity of pleasure it currently is almost like it’s engraved on stone. Particularly if you are in a long-term romance, the good thing about remaining with a partner is understanding and working towards a superior love life which gets more desirable each day. Why not try these tips on how to improve love-making as well as intimacy with your lover.

The Differences Between Men And women

  • Women enjoy love as a result of kind comments, flattery and other little things involving consideration. Women like to be pursued to demonstrate their desirability.
  • Men feel love and intimacy by means of exhilarating love-making, regular flirting and other little expressions of consideration by their partner such as making a special meal.
  • Intimacy can be described as emotional and physical connection which is improved upon through the lifetime of your relationship and it’s required so that you can enhance and strengthen the relationship.

The Way in Which Intimacy Is Viewed In Society

  • Intimacy is considered by many people to be merely relating to sex. It’s not really, rather it is a body as well as mind connection which will grow more profound and intense the more time you’re with each other.
  • To build intimacy and enhance a relationship, it is important that you continuously focus on the romance in the relationship.
  • Much of society considers intimacy as sex, but that’s just one aspect of it. Concentrate on a well-rounded connection by which to build intimacy (mind, body as well as spiritual connections) for the very best fulfillment in your romantic relationship.

The Energy Of Your Touch

  • Increase closeness by means of contact whether it be by hand holding, kissing, stimulating and lengthy foreplay, caressing one another, hugging while you are on the sofa or even standing alongside each other at a public event.
  • Focus on helping one another feel great simply by soft caressing at random opportunities. This tends to help make your lover feel really desirable using the simple act of touching, however it doesn’t have to result in love-making as a way to experience intimacy.

The Power of Sex

  • Sex is a large component of intimacy however, not the sole thing.
  • Focus on sex as being an emotionally charged example of connection. Ways for you to enhance your love-making by using foreplay?
  • Become content to slow up the act of love-making. Allow for far more foreplay: caressing one another gently while focusing on a range of the erogenous zones, including the mouth, neck area, ears, tummy and toes and fingers.
  • Ask your lover the things they would prefer, just what they desire and in what way you’ll be able to provide it.
  • Ask for whatever you would like. Share the thing that turn you on and build excitement for you as well as what you would like in a playful, flirtatious manner?

Request What You Long For

  • Many lovers encounter the very same issues with expectations, time and time again. Don’t assume your lover will understand what you desire.
  • Show your lover without having to say a thing. Concentrate on taking their hands as well as kissing your lover in ways that allows them to imitate your behavior. It really works each time and helps build their confidence in doing what you want. This also avoids any risk of them feeling threatened through self doubts that they are meeting your needs.


By using these suggestions and treating intimacy as being part of a body-mind connection (instead of improved sex, for instance), you’ll realize that the bond you’ve got right now isn’t anything in comparison to the connection you’ll have before long. Value your lover in order to get to discover them at a more complete level than in the past.