Possible Reasons Why Your Partner Is Pulling Away

Possible Reasons Why Your Partner Is Pulling Away

If you focus on your partner too much right off the bat, he or she is probably going to pull away or even reject you completely. By learning how to build a solid relationship slowly but surely, you’ll make your partner feel valued and respected, these being some of the key prerequisites of a fulfilling relationship.


You Give Too Much Too Soon

  • You should enter your relationship at a slow but steady pace, as being too pushy or to intense may result in pushing away your partner.
  • Always balance the time spent with someone new with time away on your own. You may experience intense feelings of love or lust, but managing them properly is going to pay off in the long-term.
  • When you advance in a new relationship too quickly, you partner may feel trapped or confined. When you jump on a boat and go full speed ahead without taking your necessary safety equipment, you’ll probably sink.
  • You should commit to regular “check-ins”, and focus on the emotions of your partner, as well. Do you notice him or her slightly pulling away? Have an hones review of the past few days, and try to identify the possible reasons for this behavior.

Your Partner May Not Be Ready For Full Commitment Just Yet

  • Do you both have the same goal of reaching a deeper level of commitment or are you rather out of sync?
  • Learn to observe and respect what your partner wants in a relationship, and see whether you want the same thing. If you don’t have the same relationship goals, it’s going to be difficult to make it work.
  • Always talk openly about such issues. Whenever you have a chance, ask your partner how he or she feels, and see if you can address his or her fear of commitment.
  • Learn about his or her past relationships or life hardships. What does he or she want from their next relationship? Find out how difficult their last breakup has been?

Your Partner Loves Being Single

  • Does your partner appreciate his or her time alone more than the time spent with you?
  • Learn as much as you can about your partner’s feelings and emotions, and try to make it clear that you are willing to take your relationship as it unfolds, one step at a time.
  • Does your partner loves his or her freedom? You should try to discern those tiny details that may lead to the realization that your partner loves to be single rather than in a relationship. Such signs may include making plans to spend the weekend with friends without including you, acting “unavailable” or asking you out on a date, but without inviting you to spend the night over.
  • Make your needs and your feelings very clear. Once you’ve done it, give your partner time to think and figure out what he or she really wants.

Your Partner Doesn’t Feel Like Your Equal

  • Always treat your partner with respect, validation and thoughtfulness.
  • Your partner should feel respected and valued, in order to be happy to stay in this relationship, and not pull away.
  • Show your partner through your actions and through your behavior that you do value his or her input and opinions.

You Lack Respect For Your Partner

  • You should show your partner respect by asking him or her for advice and opinion whenever needed, and by standing by his or her side when he or she wants to accomplish a very important life goal.
  • Be there for him or her every day; don’t interrupt your partner while he or she talks, and embrace and approve his or her choices. Focus on helping him or her whenever needed, and avoid criticizing or nagging.


There are many reasons why partners in a relationship feel the need to pull away emotionally. You should take your relationship at slow pace, and try to discover your partner slowly but surely, without putting pressure or asking for too deep commitment too early. If you learn how to trust, honor and respect your partner, he or she is going to be happy to be around you.