Do You Always Seem To Pick The Wrong Partner?

Do You Always Seem To Pick The Wrong Partner?

Picking and attracting the right partner is no easy task. Most of us have no idea why we are attracted to certain types of people or why we often find ourselves in relationships with partners that are unhealthy for us. Keep reading if you wish to discover why and how you chose a mate and how you can make key changes so you can begin to attract partners that are better for you.

Attraction – What Is It?

  • Attraction is generally described as liking, or being drawn to someone based on their looks, personality, status or other elements you find exciting. To begin to understand your attraction to someone, it is important to identify it. What are the things you like in a person?
  • Is it their looks, if so what is it about their looks that attracts you? Are you attracted to certain personality types? What is it about their personality that makes you excited?
  • Do you like confidence, the ability to make you laugh? Are you attracted to the bad boy type, or do you like the rich guy? Maybe you like someone who is highly intelligent, or someone that is very needy and jealous.
  • When you begin to take a closer look at what attracts you, you will begin to find patterns. Understanding these patterns is the beginning to making better decisions when it comes to new partners.

Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt

  • Many of us have been hurt by love in our past. Focusing on this hurt, or fearing it will happen again, can not only close us off to positive opportunities, and can actually serve to lead us right back to an unhealthy relationship.
  • Try learning to love yourself, before looking to re-enter a relationship. Very often when we are unable to love ourselves, it leads to bad choices in our partnerships. Begin to use the power of your imagination to attract the person you truly want in your life.
  • Who is your ideal partner? What is that person like? Try imagining your ideal mate in every detail. When you imagine this ideal relationship what do you imagine? Is it warm, bright, safe or filled with laughter?

Reject Negative people

  • Start making a conscious effort to avoid negative people. Don’t allow co-workers who constantly gossip to draw you in. Even negative T.V. shows or news reports that are constantly focusing on the negative things in life should be avoided.
  • Instead of giving your time to those negative things, spend your time on what inspires you. Surround yourself with those that are humorous, thoughtful and compassionate. Make sure that you are also projecting your very best nature to better ensure that you can attract that positive mate into your life.
  • Very often the key to finding a good partner is letting go of a bad one. Ask yourself what is making you hang on to someone you know is bad for you. Once you let go of the wrong person, then make a concerted effort to project the qualities you wish to find in a partner.
  • Make use of daily affirmations that allow your best qualities to come out. Tell yourself that you are confident, humorous, smart and kind. It is very often what we are focusing on that we attract. Begin to focus on what you want and rid yourself of the things you do not want.

Put the tips found here to finally have the life you deserve with the partner that will make you happy.