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The paths to love are too many to count. Since each person in the universe is unique, there is no single piece of advice or romantic tip that is the solution for every broken or lonely heart.  Life is a mystery of interwoven journeys and each of us feels our way forward, exploring relationships, seeking love, yearning for acceptance.

Ultimately, the only paths we need explore are those that bring us into right relationship with ourselves. To find true love, we must first accept that we are worthy of it, regardless of our mistakes and imperfections. We must create our own paths to love by accepting and loving ourselves as the first step. That is often the hardest step of the journey- truly believing we are worthy of honest, respectful love.

Recognizing what a loving relationship looks like can be confusing. There is so much advice about what we should or should not do. It is hard to tell whether the person we are dating or committing to is actually worthy of us. Just as hard is to learn from the past so that any mistakes we made before are not repeated. We need to be able to read the signposts of the relationship and know whether it is a healthy, loving union or whether it is based on habit, jealousy or need.

How can we tell the difference?  Here are some tips that help build a strong, mutually supportive, loving relationship:

  • Have a strong sense of who you are. Know your passions, your strengths, your areas for improvement.
  • Accept yourself. No-one is perfect. Know you are worthy of being loved. Above all, do not obsess your body-shape.
  • Know your values and beliefs. Understand why you hold them. If they are important to you, you should not give them up for someone else.
  • Take stock of your life. What lessons have you learned? What mistakes will you avoid in the future?
  • Maintain your independence. Never let someone else become your oxygen. Keep your own friendships and interests.
  • Project confidence and ‘be real.’ This is more attractive than any artificial beauty.
  • Kick any bad habits like jealousy, insecurity, anger, negative thinking. A positive relationship needs a positive attitude.
  • Ask yourself if you can truly accept all aspects of your partner without resentment. If you cannot embrace all that they are, then there will always be weakness in your relationship.
  • Be open and honest about your dreams and goals. Look for compatibility with your partner, and be realistic about important areas of conflict.
  • Make sure you are both at the same level of commitment with each other. Do not assume anything- talk it through.
  • Treat your partner as you would like to be treated yourself. If you cannot offer them respect and kindness or they cannot offer that to you, the relationship is likely doomed.
  • If there is any sign of abuse or disrespect, your partner is not ready to love you. Your own well-being is top priority. You cannot fix someone who needs to mend themselves.

Your paths to love can be as creative as your imagination. Have some fun. Let your positive thoughts and attitude attract worthy people to you. Read and absorb advice that is helpful. It’s great to be open to new ideas-that’s all part of growing wiser. However, all decisions about who you love, why and how, are your responsibility. Enjoy the journey.